Military Individuals Seeking Civilian Career

Are you looking for a transition from your military life into the civilian domain? Perhaps, you have already made a move and are looking for opportunities to expand your civilian career? If yes, then TALENT Software Services can help you smoothly transition into the civilian workforce or expand your career by providing you with the opportunity you deserve.

TALENT : A Bridge to Find Civilian Jobs

TALENT is one of the leading military recruitment firms in the United States that values veterans like you to have a bright future in the civilian world. TALENT helps you translate your military skills into your civilian dream and provide you with job opportunities. Our dedicated Team of military recruitment experts pledges to make you civilian job-ready. As a result, thousands of military veterans, like you have been placed successfully in major companies and businesses that value your skills. In addition, we are partners with military-friendly companies that value your skills & qualities. Our influence will help you land a job that matches your skillset and help pursue it as a career.

Work with recruiters that value you

The transition from the military to the civilian world can be a daunting task. To make the process easier, TALENT will help you align your military experience with corporate skills. TALENT makes it easier by assisting you in translating your military skills into corporate skills helping you meet the requirements and land a job in the civilian world.

American heroes like you deserve to work with recruiters that value your contribution & recognize your skill sets, and help you set your target or goals in your civilian endeavors. Most of our recruiters are former military-discharged veterans who recognize and value your skillset and connect with you on a personal level as once we were in your shoes and understand your situation.

The United States Military training program and education are responsible for producing future leaders with qualities and skills that are rare to find in a candidate. Yes, we know this, and so, we assist individuals like you in finding amazing civilian opportunities and building sustainable careers.

Our goal is straightforward and, i.e., providing you with civilian job opportunities that will give you a rewarding career and a lasting job. We value Honor, Skill & Commitment, the three pillars of our service, and pledge to our commitment to helping you have a rewarding civilian career.

We are here to help you get a Civilian Job

TALENT provides you with civilian opportunities with the resources and connections it has developed since 1987. Pursuing a civilian career from a military position is challenging, but TALENT is here to help you. TALENT will take care of everything, we are the consultative, resourceful, and knowledgeable firm that you need in this phase of transition. You can work and interact with our recruiter in live conferences (in-person or virtual) hosted at a national scale and one-on-one interviews scheduled on a call with major executives and HR managers.

Military Transition Assistance Program

It is imminent that your military career has been promising, and as all good things come to an end, so does your military journey. The military life has made you a robust candidate with exquisite skills and leadership, which the corporate world demands in its employees. TALENT is a military recruitment firm that understands and recognizes the guidance and assistance you need to start a career in the civilian workforce. Being a veteran-owned business with a military recruiting panel, we understand your situation more than anyone else. Our workforce includes former military individuals who have served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and every other service academy and armed services branch of the United States Military. Hence, you will not find anyone like us to understand your need for assistance and guidance as we went through a similar situation years ago.

TALENT’s military recruitment process is personalized and tailored for the individuals making it a unique experience. Our dedicated Team helps you align and translate your skills to the private sector and make you corporate job-ready. We provide consultation to help you understand your long-term goals, build corporate resumes with translated military skills that meet the standards of the corporate world.

Here’s why you need Talent

  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • Connections with military-friendly businesses.
  • Placed over thousands of military individuals like yourself.
  • Dedicated Team that recognizes your skills and leadership.

why you need Talent?

Years of Experience

Connections with military-friendly businesses

Placed over thousands of military individuals like you

Dedicated Team that recognizes your skills and leadership


Our eBook titled “From the War front to Civilian life.” is a guide that helps understand the importance of veterans and demonstrates our recruiting capabilities.


We are proud to partner with the following groups to not only get involved in our local and national community but to build an attitude of diversity and care in everything we do.

  • National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC)

  • National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA)

  • U.S. Veteran Business Alliance

  • Institute of Veteran & Military Families

  • Cyber Warrior Foundation

  • Wounded Warrior Project

  • Disability: IN

  • VIB

  • Elite SDVOB

  • Eagles Group

  • Agile for Patriots


Our services have been recognized and endorsed by executives from esteemed organizations. Hence, we are confident that availing of our services will help you meet your expectations 100%. Here are some of the testimonies from various esteemed organizations that have benefitted from our skills and services.

TALENT has consistently delivered quality information technology consultants at the right time, at the right price, and with thorough ongoing support.


Vice President - Regional Financial Services Firm

TALENT is a great consulting firm to work for. They work hard in finding your next opportunity.


IT Consultant

Without reservation, I highly recommend TALENT Software Services for any of your technology, consulting, project management, and staffing projects anywhere in the US.


Information Security Consultant

TALENT finds quality contracts and is responsive to consultant needs.



With over ten years of consulting experience with TALENT Software Services, I recommend TALENT for the quality and variety of assignments. The office staff is exceptional supporting benefits and administration. Sales and recruiting focus on the consultant’s career and job goals. All in all, TALENT is an excellent firm with great staff and great assignments.


Sr. Consultant



TALENT as an organization has been awarded with NaVOBA’s Veteran’s Business Enterprise® of the Year (VBEOY) 2020.
TALENT is honored to have earned the 2020 Military Friendly® Employer’s designation.