Military Interview Tips & Tricks

It is quite challenging to transition into a civilian job with military experience on your resume. Here at TALENT, we have a professional team of devoted individuals in Recruiting operations and host a database of successful military resume resources that can help boost your confidence so that you can smoothly transition to the civilian workplace.  

The database of military resume resources includes examples of veteran resumes, job-profile specific resume templates for former veterans, cheat sheet of military transition interview tips & tricks, webinars, and training sessions to give you the confidence to work in the civilian workplace. 

Advice for military individuals seeking Civilian workplace Transition. 

The major lesson one learns during military service is the preparedness to face anything thrown at you. Similarly, the decision to transition into civilian life cannot be taken instantly. It requires planning on various scales, including financial sources, target job profiles, and many more. Here are the various attributes you need to master to make your post-service endeavors a success.   

  • Skill Development.          

               It is important to grab every opportunity you can during your military service. Hone skills through various workshops and specific training to make yourself marketable in the civilian world. For instance, you can get master specialist training, repairs, and specific technical school domains during your military service. While many opportunities are available for veterans in civilian life, your chances increase with the skills honed during your service.  

  • Financial Management. 

           The transition period will leave you financially blind as there is no source of income. Therefore, in these times, a cushion of financial security in the form of savings will comfort your ease. In addition, having financial security for a couple of months to support your transition will give you time to select the right job that matches your profile.  

  • Paperwork Management.

            If you do not already have a collection of your accolades in a binder, then it’s time to prepare one. Vital milestones of your career need to be preserved or documented to provide proof to potential employers about your accomplishments. No matter how efficient the management system of your admin department is, it is up to you to take the responsibility of maintaining a file of your accomplishments during the service. Always make photocopies of your evaluations/OER/FITREPS, awards, certificates, and other forms of certified copies demonstrating your skills.   

  • Time Management.

            The corporate world does not enjoy the Leave packages as the military does. The military has a system of letting you save up to 60 leaves per year under the military’s use it or lose it policy. The number of days saved up can sometimes be more with waivers. You can save up leaves during workdays, operational commitments, and deployment periods. The saved leave days can give you the opportunity to the groundwork in the civilian job market by attending job fairs, interviews, and hiring events. Therefore, you can secure a job in advance and start your civilian journey post-service.  

Transition Team Program & Resources.  

TALENT offers a comprehensive military transition program that is highly regarded in the market. It takes a very intensive period of discussion and decision-making when one plans to transition to civilian life. If you aim for civilian employment after serving the country, TALANT’s Transition Team will help you start the process. If you or your spouse have doubts regarding civilian life transition, TALENT offers resources and connections to aid your transition.  

 At TALENT, we raise your job-search confidence by providing you with resources that demonstrate civilian success tips and establish a platform to keep you prepared and updated in the military community.  

The Team Transition Program is a comprehensive training program that provided Military Transition Resources, consistent civilian accomplishment tips, and resources to keep you prepared to pursue your target career in your civilian endeavors, help you smoothly transform your military life into the civilian life. 

 Team Transition program helps you with the following:

  • Preparing Resume.
  • Building up technical skills. 
  • Interview Tips & Tricks. 
  • Preparing you for Technical Interviews.
  • Networking to boost your job search. 
  • Military Spouse Resources.

Interviewing Tips. 

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you ace your interviews. 

  • A project that you are a perfect match for the job position. 

            Read the job description and the responsibilities before going for the job interview. In this way, the interview panel will discover your potential for that position.  

  • Know your Resume.

            Your resume is the projection of your professional life. Therefore, one should know every quality or skill mentioned in the resume as the interviewer will test your knowledge. 

  • Common Questions about your Education & Military background. 

             Be prepared for common questions that the interviewers ask you about your educational background. This includes, “Why did you join the Military?”, “What was the reason behind choosing your college majors?”, “Why have you decided to leave the military service?” and many more.  

  • Forgoing Military Chain of Command. 

            Do not be a Military robot that does not ask questions and replies to questions asked with a firm “Yes Sir” attitude. The corporate world demands depth and sensitivity in its employees and prospective leaders of the company. Therefore, you need to demonstrate your interpersonal skills by engaging in conversation with brief replies.  

  • Be an Educated Individual.

          Education does not always mean getting a degree from college and adding it to your resume. A truly educated individual is capable of asking questions. This shows their understanding of the topic when the questions are genuine and pertaining to the subject.  

  • Keep the positive spirit alive.

           It is important to bury negative feelings and uplift yourself with a positive spirit in the corporate world. Therefore, it is vital to avoid negative comments and spread positivity.  

  • Portray sincere interest in the company and the opportunity presented. 

           When the interviewer asks about your future plans, they are testing you for loyalty. Therefore, the interviewer will reject your application if you answer the question by saying you plan on doing higher education or start your own company in the future. Hence, it is important to focus on the opportunity presented right in front of you.  

  • Be humble. 

         It is important not to view yourself as highly skilled for the job. There might be training involved for the job profile you applied for. Hence, be humble and down-to-earth during interviews.  

  • Prepare yourself for every technical skill mentioned in your resume. 

          You should be proficient in the technical skills mentioned in your resume, as the interviewer will check if you actually are technically sound in the areas mentioned in the resume.  

  • Work on your Body Language. 

           Body Language is the key important during job interviews. It depicts your interest and keenness, the confidence you project, and more. In addition, these convey a positive aura: Firm Handshakes, million-dollar smiles, eye contact, expression using your hand gestures and leaning forward in your chair.  

How to build your Military Resume? 

    Writing your Military Resume can be considered challenging unless you break it down into sections or categories. Your resume depicts the timeline of your professional life and the qualities you possess. 

Know the format. 

You can break down your resume into three sections viz Header, Education/Training, and Work Experience. The Header includes personal details like Name, contact details, and home address. You can also add a headline to the Header, which acts as a pitch to showcase your potential to prospective recruiters. You can add technical skills and software proficiency in this section of your resume. 

 The Education/Training section includes details of the college you’ve graduated, grade received, and graduation date. Then comes work experience, where you give concise information of your role and the responsibilities you withheld during your tenure.   

Key points to remember while drafting your resume.

  • Your resume should be concise.
  • It should be well-organized.
  • Provide relevant information about yourself. 
  • Project a Professional Appearance. 


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