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The success rate of acing your job interview increases if you depict your physical and personality traits well. The interviewer will scan each and every aspect of your personality in the precept of finding the right talent for the Company. Here is a compilation of tips and tricks that every job seeker should master to ace the interview like a pro.  


Research the Company 

It is a good practice to research and learn more about the Company that you are applying to. You can expect questions like why you make a great fit for the Company, which you can understand only after reading about the company profile. By not researching the organization you have applied to is like walking in a blind spot. The interviewer will need to know that you are in the same boat. Therefore, all you’ve got to do is Google about the company profile and its position in the industry.  


Read the job profile. 

Many candidates do the grave mistake of applying to a job blindly by just looking at the job title. Therefore, they end up getting rejections as their skills do not match the job description. While reading job descriptions, you will get an idea of whether you make a great fit for the Company. You can build up on your skills that are part of the job responsibilities and be the candidate the Company is looking for, establishing a higher chance of acceptance.  


Analyze yourself. 

It is important to analyze yourself before the interviewer asks questions. If you cannot answer questions about yourself, the interviewer will realize that you are not focused and lack the knowledge of your capabilities. If that is true, no recruiter would want to recruit you to their organization. Hence, you must analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and invaluable skillsets, which will help you provide a successful pitch and sell yourself to the interviewer.  


Prepare answers to the most asked Interview Questions. 

The most frequently asked questions in the interview include; 

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? 
  • What are you passionate about? And many more. 

    You may find many online resources with a list of commonly asked interview questions. You can prepare yourself for these questions and ace the interview. 


    Be Honest on your resume. 

    Your resume is the mirror image of your professional capabilities and skills. It is important to be honest while drafting your resume and be 100% confident in including a certain skillset. For example, if you do not possess a certain skill or qualification, including it on your resume is a bad decision. You might get shortlisted for the position based on your resume but, you will not have the skillsets to do the job in real-time and will get rejected during the technical interview round. Hence, it is important, to be honest with the interviewer and with yourself. This also affects your future employability in that company.


    Be able to ask Questions Upfront. 

    Being able to ask questions upfront is definitely important, you should be clear and precise about what you are looking for in the job(for example. work timings, weekly leaves, work-life balance, etc.), this demonstrates confidence. You should ask questions related to your functionality in the job, this demonstrates your communication skills and your technical knowledge as well. This helps the recruitment officer in developing confidence in the candidate.


    Depict a positive body language and appearance.  

    Yes! Positive Body language is a thing. For instance, leaning towards the speaker during interviews demonstrates your keenness towards the topic and depicts your excellent listening skills. In addition, it is important to maintain eye contact and not get distracted while the recruitment officer is speaking. Lastly, it is important to make yourself presentable well before an interview and wear formal clothes to maintain a professional look.  


    End with Acknowledgement.  

    You should always acknowledge the interviewer for taking the time to interview you and answering your questions. Beginning and Ending on a positive note sends a positive vibe to the interview and establishes a connection.  


    Mastering these aspects will help you ace interviews like a pro and help you get a dream job.  




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