Talent Veteran Search Program


As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, we understand firsthand what it’s like to transition from active service into the workforce. That’s why we created the Talent Veteran Search Program that helps Veterans transition into the working force.

We’re proud to find the very best the military has to offer and connect them with business who honor and respect their service to this country. This program assists Veteran family members in finding successful jobs.

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Cyber Security


  Leadership Roles



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Serving Our Soldiers

The US military trains and produces the most powerful and skilled leaders in the world. At a certain point in their lives after serving the country they leave the service and begin to build civilian careers. For over 30 years, Talent has provided the best military talent all over the United States and have made their mission to help veterans get the best possible job when they join the workforce.

Why Veterans?

Choosing to serve and protect is an honor and sacrifice that so many service men and women have committed their lives to. Hiring them is not only a way to say thank you but a way to strengthen your company with these qualities:

  • Veterans exhibit discipline that they've learned in the military and can transfer that skill to anything that they do.
  • Veterans are equipped with a strong work ethic from the field and use it in any task set before them.
  • Veterans have a sense of teamwork and an unshakable drive to succeed.
  • Veterans are leaders. If you want someone who knows about leadership look no further than the military.

With these skills, we believe that companies can build a strong force on the inside and be proud to give back to these men and women.

Our Own Army of Recruiters

Our Specialized Team to Help the Veterans

Talent has built a strong team focused on finding the best military talent through our growing database. With a unique set of skills, our team is dedicated to working with veterans.

Additional Training to Our Recruiters

The transition from military to civilian life can be tough, but at Talent, our recruiters are trained to help them through this change. We provide training and development opportunities to help develop their skills. Recruiters on our team who served our country know firsthand the stress of transitioning and are motivated to help their fellow military veterans move into a solid career.  Recruiters work to help veterans understand their options and show them where their strengths help in a new career.


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