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Areas of Service


Project Services

If you are a consultant looking for a top-level project services or business analysis contract, we’ve got the job for you.


Cyber Security

Talent is proud to partner with experienced cyber security analysts, risk management consultants, and IT auditors.


IT Services

Whether it’s services for enterprise applications, data management, or infrastructure, Talent has the job for you!


Healthcare IT Consulting

No matter where your organization is at in its Epic initiatives, our expert consultants can step in and provide expertise and support.

Why Work for Talent

At Talent we know we can only be successful if you are successful. Any consultant that works with Talent can be sure that your employment and your career are our top priority. We work to understand your goals and expectations for the future which allows us to find you not only the best job, but we’ll help you map out the career path you’re looking for.

We’re not here to simply match your skills to a work project’s requirements—anyone can do that. At Talent, we take the time to understand you as a person. We know how important your job search is to you—that’s why we put in the extra effort to place you in a position that not only matches your skillset, but that you’re also happy to get out of bed for.

Talent’s consultants know that once we place them, we stand behind them. We maintain contact to understand what they like best about each engagement and use your feedback to set you up with the best possible connection for your next opportunity.

Our recruiters and professional sales staff understand the importance of job security. We begin researching your next opportunity before your current placement is complete. We often have positions ready and available for you as near the end of your current contract. This means you will never have to worry about where your next job will come from.

We know our consultants are the backbone of Talent. You can be confident that our wealth of experience combined with our vast network will always meet your expectations.